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Learn Albert Einstein’s secrets for increasing your mental power to succeed in your career, education, and life.

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Your professional success depends on your ability to think more effectively than your competitors.

As you adopt Albert Einstein’s habits for creative, logical thinking, you will increase your intellectual power and enjoy more professional achievements. [Read more…]

Product Training Programs Will Increase Your Sales

Why Do I Need a Product Training Program? When your sales staff knows more about your products and services, they sell more of them. Knowledge gives them more confidence and advantages over your company’s competitors. Your employees will explain your product’s features and benefits clearly. They will close more sales.

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Customer Education Will Gain and Retain New Customers

You want your new customers to become repeat customers. To do that, you need to provide ongoing information and support for your products and services. Effective selling is more than just getting them to buy; it’s building a relationship that encompasses multiple purchases over time. A customer education program is a great way to maintain those commercial relationships and grow your sales.

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What is Instructional Design?

What is Instructional Design?

Instructional design is the process of designing and developing instruction. The term is used in academic spheres, but most large companies with training initiatives will hire or contract instructional designers to create effective learning materials and programs. [Read more…]

Computer & Software Training

Didactable creates learning guides and simulations to help your customers or employees master the software applications you sell or use to operate your business. These training guides and simulations can save employers time and money by permitting users to learn on their own, as they have time. Companies that create or market software will reduce technical support or customer service expenses by providing these training packages to clients. Custom software training packages can also be resold with very high margins to clients who purchase your software.

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Contract Employment: Pros & Cons


Should You Work as a Contract Employee?

This article discusses the pros and cons of working as a contract employee. You’ll learn about the best way to get contract work and how to negotiate rates and schedules as a contract employee.

Have you thought about working as a contract employee?

The percentage of contract employees, at least in the United States, has gone up significantly over the last 10 years. [Read more…]

How to Learn a New Skill


Learning a new skill is not difficult. There’s a lot of information available about what skills to learn to advance your career, but not much about crafting a learning plan to master those new skills. If you want to know how to learn a new skill, you need to discover your own learning preferences and understand some basic educational principles. As you master this information, you’ll be able to learn new, higher paying skills more quickly and accelerate your career. [Read more…]

Learn Computer Skills Fast & Free!


The time it requires to enroll for and complete a formal computer software course or class may not be fast enough for you. Many free tools can help you learn highly-valued computer software skills that you need to increase your earning power. Here are a few suggestions: [Read more…]

High Paying Jobs

High Paying Jobs

If you’re tired of your job and want something that pays better, you may perform a Google search to determine which jobs pay the best. If you look at Forbes’ list of high paying jobs, you’ll see that they’re primarily medical and legal professions. If these jobs pay so well, why don’t more people work as doctors and lawyers?

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Definition of a Good Job


When I was unemployed a few years ago, a job digging ditches for $2 an hour would have qualified as a good job. I was lucky and got what I thought was a good job. It had a salary, some health insurance benefits, and a few days of paid vacation each year. Within a year or two, the good job somehow turned into a crappy job. So I looked elsewhere for a better job and got it. Would I consider my position now to be a good job? I plead the fifth. (By the way, how ya doin’ boss?)

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